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DO NOT dispose in fire or attempt to ply open the battery.

DO NOT mix different cell types and capacities in the same battery assembly.

DO NOT short circuit the battery, it will damage the battery.

DO NOT solder directly onto the battery.

When connecting 2 or more batteries, ensure that the polarity connection are correct.

During use, if you observe any abnormality in the equipment, stop using immediately and refer to the manufacturer.

To ensure that the battery maintain its capacity, the battery or battery pack should be stored in recommended storage environment.

After relatively long storage, the battery may reflect a lower capacity. It is recommended to charge and discharge the cells for 3 cycles to recover the capacity.

When batteries are used at high temperatures, their charge efficiency decreases and degradation of their performance and material properties is accelerated. To prevent this, keep the battery away from heat generating parts such as in transformers, and attempt to improve the heat radiation of equipment and battery.

Reversed charging of a battery may cause leakage of electrolyte(strong alkaline), thus calling for alkaline-resistant material in the periphery of battery.

Together with the electrolyte, oxygen or hydrogen gas may leak. During design, measures must be incorporated to prevent combustion which may caused by sparks from motors and switches.

Avoid contact-type connectors such as those employing a spring, as an oxidized coating will from on the contact surface after prolonged periods of use, leading to possible improper contact. If a contact-type connector is used, remove the battery and wipe the contact with a cloth every few months to improve conductivity.

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